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Top 10 Fastest Animals In The World

Top 10 Fastest Animals In The World
June 04
20:50 2012

Kingdom Animalia is a broad kingdom containing many species belonging to different phylum and classes. When God created these animals, he gave them different speeds for different reasons with some animals in the same class being faster than others. Within this article we are going to discuss about the world’s fastest animals on the planet. In kingdom Animalia, the Peregrine Falcon is stated as the fastest animal on the planet, but this article is bases on the animals which belong to class Mammalia, with the cheetah being the fastest animal with a speed of 70 miles per hour. The fastest animals have an added advantage towards their prey because they can move faster than them. Below is a concise description of the fastest animals on earth planet.

The World’s Fastest Animals

Basilisks are animals known for their ability to walk or run above the surface of water, hence they have been dubbed as Jesus Christ Lizards. Their feet move extremely fast that they can run on water at a speed of 5.4 km/h.

Cheetahs – World’s Fastest Land Animal


Of all the fastest animals in the world, perhaps the most popular is the Cheetah or Acinonyx jubatus. Running at a speed of115 km/h, Cheetahs are the fastest animals on land.

Cone Snails – World’s Fastest Killer

Cone Snails

I know you are surprise to see a snail on the list because we all know for a fact that snails are amongst the slowest animals in the world. Cone Snails are not the fastest in terms of running or moving but the world’s fastest killers. These poisonous and dangerous creatures hunt fish, marine worms and mollusks using harpoon-like teeth and poison gland killing their prey almost instantly.

Hares – Animals More Than Twice As Fast As Humans


Do not underestimate Hare because they are extremely fast, they can run twice as fast as an Olympic sprinter. These very fast moving animals, particularly the European Brown Hare, can attain a maximum speed of 72 km/h.

Mako Sharks – World’s Fastest Shark Species

Shortfin Mako Shark 026

Mako Sharks, particularly the Shortfin Mako Sharks or Isurus oxyrinchus, are the fastest of all the shark species in the world. It can attain a maximum speed of up to 48 km/h.  Their scientific name means sharp nose.

Mantis Shrimps – World’s Fastest Animal Strikers

Mantis Shrimps

Because of their exceptional speed, Mantis Shrimps can beat the best gunslingers in the west with their strike. Don’t go near the hole of these solitary creatures because they will snap you as fast as the bullet.

Ostriches – World’s Fastest Animals On Two Legs


Yes, you’ve read it right, Ostriches are the world’s fastest animal on two legs, They can attain a breathtaking speed of up to 97.5 km/h. They are also the largest extant species of bird and lay the largest egg of any extant bird.

Peregrine Falcons – World’s Fastest Animals

Peregrine Falcon Flight From Walt Whitman Bridge Camden & Philadelphia

Peregrine Falcons are the fastest extant member of the animal kingdom. They can dive at an amazing peed of320 km/h. its compound name is Falco peregrines and is also known as the Peregrine. Historically, they are known in North America as the Duck Hawks

Tiger Beetles – World’s Fastest Animals In Terms Of Body Size

Tiger Beetles

Tiger Beetles are among the most amazing animals in the world. They can sprint at 13 km/h. If human beings are like Tiger Beetles, we can run as fast as 494 km/h. They are the fastest animal in the world in equivalent to body size. Tiger Beetles run extremely fast they go blind. Their speed is about 22times the speed of the fastest human sprinter.

Worms – World’s Fastest Legless Invertebrates


Don’t get shock if you have seen a worm on the list of the fastest animals in the world. With a speed of up to 16 m/h through solid ground, Worms are considered the fastest legless invertebrates.

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