Stories Cut Into 360° Paper Books by Yusuke Oono

Stories Cut Into 360° Paper Books by Yusuke Oono
January 09
12:20 2014

Reading books can be boring sometimes, so this work of art what Yusuke Oono made, makes the experience a lot more fun.
Yusuke has created these amazing 360° paper book stories by cutting figures out from the middle.

At close up it looks as if you were to step into another world, and feeling like a kid again.

In Yusuke’s first story you see a girl on a swing with a shovel next to her, and in the distance there’s a cat on the roof.

In the same book, but on the other side of it it shows a kid on his peddle-less bike with a big german shepherd in the foreground.

The second story brings you to nature where you see a lot wild animals in the jungle.

The third story you see a mouse inside a house of cheese drinking a glass of wine.

The fourth story is based on a Disney movie, Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs.

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