Bringing Everyday Objects to Life

Bringing Everyday Objects to Life
January 31
11:48 2014

While many photographers cringe at the thought of having to use digital enhancement to perfect their photos, Dutch photographer Tinkeke Meirink embraces it. This fun lady runs a blog called “Stop Watch”. Here, she takes photos of everyday objects (ex. buildings, graffiti, plants, etc.) and adds fun, cartoonish qualities to them to help bring the photos to life. While a vast majority of her photos include objects being turned into people, this is not always the case. Meirink creates photos and situations using many different objects.

Truly, these photographs are more about a child-like inspiration and creativity than the effects of digital enhancement. I say child-like not to insult Meirink, but rather to compliment her. It is a sad fact that many of us lose our imaginations as we grow older. To give an example, I am sure we can all remember a time as children when ordinary objects could be turned into extraordinary things. I know that when I was a child a simple cardboard box could be turned into a house, a car, a boat, anything, just with a little bit of imagination. Sadly, now that I am an adult, a cardboard box is simply a cardboard box at first glance. Meirink goes back to this, again, child-like creativity that should be admired. Yes, maybe these photos would not be considered “art” or “professional” as many of us would say, but they are still wonderful. Below are a few of the photos from “Stop Watch”.

I really can not stress how much I adore the thoughtfulness behind these photos. It is hard to come across an adult anymore with imaginative and creative personalities like this. I also really love the contrast of the non-animated with animated imagery. Teneke Meirink does an excellent job at taking simple, everyday objects and truly bringing them to life.

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