Back to Life: Skull and Rock Illustrations by DZO

Back to Life: Skull and Rock Illustrations by DZO
February 06
11:15 2014

DZO, a French graphic designer and illustrator, has a most unusual collection of illustrations. It is not that these drawings are out of the ordinary, or drawn with many different or strange materials. Rather, it is the replacement for canvas, paper, etc. that makes these illustrations so unique. DZO has actually turned out a whole collection of illustrations made on found river rocks and a full animal skull.

DZO uses everyday drawing materials (ink, pencils, etc.) to create very meticulously detailed illustrations on some of the most difficult surfaces to work with. Now, while I have never actually tried to draw on an animal skull, I can not imagine it would be a walk in the park. The same goes for rocks. Not only does DZO face the challenge of limited surface space (the rocks are usually very small from being beat up by the river), but he also faces texture challenges. Rocks and bone, alike, are grainy and have cracks, splits, holes, dips, and more that this artist had to work around.

As if it is not impressive enough that DZO manages to work around all of these challenges, the drawings, themselves, are actually pretty cool. Again, they are very detailed. You can tell that a lot of planning and time went into creating these drawings. DZO not only manages to create some of the most finely detailed drawings and smallest of lines, but he also includes shading, and even line textures within the illustrations.

Below are some photos of DZO’s work, beginning with the illustrations on the stones.

And now here are some photos of the illustrated skull.

I know I have already said it, but these pieces are seriously cool. I just can not get over how many challenges DZO had to face while doing these. Yet, he managed to persevere and create some pretty fabulous pieces of art.

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