Artwork With Cars

Artwork With Cars
January 29
23:30 2013

These cars are more than just odd, weird or crazy car creations by some freaks, who loves cars! Some of these funny vehicles are really an artwork!

The Mondrian Car

Artwork With Cars
This car looks like a picture of the famous Dutch painter Pieter Cornelis Piet Mondrian. Not a bad idea, it looks quite interesting. Actually it looks like this vehicle could serve for the daily use as well.

The Turbo Propeller BMW Isetta

Artwork With Cars
Yey, that is now a really weird vehicle! BMW’s classic Isetta got tuned with a gigantic Turbo Propeller! I wonder what the maximum speed of this beast is? But I guess the handling of the Turbo-Isetta is a bit more challenging. Definitely not applicable for daily use, but very creative!

The Pirate Cruiser – Artwork With Cars

Artwork With Cars
Ahoi Capt’n! This automobile version of a pirate ship was cruising around at the car arts event in Houston.

The Opera Music Car

Artwork With Cars
This one is close to the opera house in Detroit. Kinda cute thingy, although the designers forgot the engine¦

The Fruits Master Vehicle

Artwork With Cars
The ideal automobile for Vegetarian people! similar to the Maximalism car the creator put a lot of stuff on its car.

The Oldschool Carriage

Artwork With Cars
Looks a bit like a classic carriage, just without horses¦ or is it just a gigantic pushcart? Funny

The Abstract Suprize Truck

Artwork With Cars
Really Cool. This is art! The idea alone to do this weird truck is amazing! This art car you can see at the art museum St. Gallen in Switzerland!

The Spooky Gothic Cathedral Vehicle

Artwork With Cars
Wow, this is great! The design and the black color creates a really spooky atmosphere. And all these little details in the windows! It is just a brilliant art car!

The Double Beetle

Artwork With Cars
Do I have to say anything about this? Holy Cow! Brilliant idea, I totally love this! I wish I could rent this amazing double beetle for a day and cruise a bit around in my hometown.

The Maximalism Car

Artwork With Cars
The designer of this odd ride for sure is not a minimalist! A lot of stuff like CD’s, Teddies, books etc. are attached to it. The final result is a somehow cool looking thing.

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